Lomi associates directory


The Lomi Associates listed on these pages are among hundreds of individuals who’ve been trained through programs of Lomi School Foundation since 1970. They’ve been educated toward an embodied awareness and a familiarity with the mind-body process that informs their work. You can use this list as a resource guide for finding a therapist, body worker, or somatic coach along with many other areas
of practice listed. Many are also available as group leaders, teachers, speakers, and for consultations.

*Please note: The practitioners listed in this directory are not currently providing therapy at the Lomi Clinic (unless stated in their profile). To schedule an appointment with a therapist who is working at Lomi, please call the intake line at: 707.579.0465, ext. 227.

              Lomi Associates Directory


Georgia A. Berry , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT81043)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.953.8790, Fax: 866.605.1176
email: georjaberry2@aol.com
website: www.georgiaberrytherapist.com.

I primarily work with attachment therapies, having training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. Essentially, I focus on building a trusting, safe and caring relationship with my clients and this builds the foundation for healing. I use mindfulness and somatic awareness, which helps my clients to feel and process their emotions. Some humor and enjoyment of life are also encouraged, while facing both the present and past challenges and issues. I have been in Twelve Step programs for over 30 years and I like working with those in recovery.


Kitty Chelton , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT30322)

Sebastopol, CA. 707.823.8203, email: KCChelton@comcast.net
website: www.bodywisdompsychotherapy.com.

Individuals, couples and adolescent therapy. Consultation and training in Somatic Psychotherapy. Inservice trainings for clinics. CEU's for therapists and supervisors.


Bob Engel, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT93164)

Sebastopol, CA. 707.861.0441

email: bob@sebastopoltherapy.com

web: www.sebastopoltherapy.com

I specialize in therapy for couples and adult individuals. I use emotion-focused, somatic and psychodynamic approaches.

The guiding principles of our work together will be curiosity and trust. By staying curious we avoid leaping to conclusions and you can learn
to keep the old stories about your problems from limiting your new understanding. Trust includes both being vulnerable — and the essential element of hope.

You are making a courageous choice by seeking therapy. Please call
or email me if you have questions. I accept Medi-Cal/Beacon and Magellan/Kaiser Insurance.


Jenifer Goss, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT99800)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.364.8736

Somatic Psychotherapy for couples, individuals, families, children and adolescents. Holistic, mindfulness-based approach guiding clients to more deeply access the wisdom of their bodies, minds and spirits to facilitate healing. For relationship issues, changing patterns that are no longer serving you, grief, challenges with creativity flow or aliveness, life transitions, depression, anxiety, trauma, etc. there are keys in your body that we can explore together to unlock improved relationships, empowerment, joy, clarity, and expanded connection to your authenticity.


M. Patricia Graef, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Santa Rosa, CA. 510.459.8137 fax: 888.706.4141

email: mpat.graef@comcast.net

As we cope with life circumstances we create physical and emotional patterns that inhibit body, mind and spirit.  Symptoms of these inhibitions can include anxiety, depression, a sense of confusion or feeling of being lost, difficulties with life transition, or debilitating loss and grief.


We will work together to create a space where you can safely explore your concerns, difficulties and goals.  I’m passionate about relieving suffering and I work with adults, children, adolescents, couples and families, in a direct and compassionate manner.  I welcome meeting with you to learn about what you are experiencing and what you want for your life.


Debra Kelly, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT19530)
Group & Individual Supervisor, Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.569.0459  web: www.kellycounselingsantarosa.com.
Psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Life Transitions, Parenting, Chronic and Life Threatening Conditions, LGBTQ, Supervision and Consultation.


Tina Kelly, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT85659)
Santa Rosa, CA. 707.529-5399  fax: 707.546.3937 email: tinakelly@mac.com
web: www.tinakellylmft.com.
I am a kind, skilled, intuitive therapist and believe that therapy is a collaborative, client centered endeavor. I will begin our work together by creating a trusting, supportive relationship with you in order to create safety and a felt sense of being seen, accepted and loved. I integrate mindfulness and somatic practices into our work to bring you in touch with what you are experiencing moment by moment, without judgment, and how you carry these experiences in your body.


Katy Higgins Lee, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT82430)
Santa Rosa, CA. 707.787.7465
email: katyhigginslee@gmail.com

web: katyhigginslee.com
I work with a range of issues but I specialize in working with trauma and anxiety. I have extensive experience working with survivors of sexual abuse. Somatic and mindfulness-based therapy. Individual, family, child, adolescent and group therapy.


Susan Lourme, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT54025)
Sebastopol and Petaluma, CA. 510.516.1233
email: susan@therapysantarosa.com

web: www.therapysantarosa.com
We humans are whole, holistic beings- a complex  system which includes the brain, the body, and our greater spirit. My approach helps you to connect with the whole of you- body, mind, and spirit- in order for you to go deep within. We work collaboratively, forming a strong and trusting relationship and together exploring the shifts you want to make in your life. I can help you to look at issues of trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, parenting, relationship, and empowerment. I guide you in finding your authentic self, and will support you in your process of discovery and change. I enjoy working with individuals 18 years and older, families, and couples.


Katherine Nguyen, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT108943)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.200.8150
email: katherine@sonomatherapy.org

I have a private practice in Santa Rosa and also work at Verity with survivors and family members of survivors of sexual assault and violence. In addition, I see Veterans struggling with PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma under Verity’s Forgotten Warriors Project.
I have experience in working with children, teens, and adults, and am drawn to addressing trauma and multicultural issues. I am also bilingual and can speak Vietnamese fluently.


Andrew Pearson, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist (PSY27490)

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.477.6594
email: drpearsonpsyd@gmail.com

web: santarosa-therapist.com

I am interested in working with individuals, couples, and groups with all kinds of needs. In addition, I specialize in working with older adults facing difficulties with relationships/isolation, health/medical issues, and end of life concerns. I also work with individuals struggling with workplace issues, helping clients to achieve alignment between personal values and professional activities. Along with being a highly qualified psychotherapist, I am dedicated to being present with compassion, genuineness, and regard for your well-being!

Evening and Saturday appointments available. Sliding scale or negotiated rates available. Medicare, Partnership, and other insurers accepted.


Thomas Pope, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT21126)

Clinical Director, Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic.

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.568.1601, fax: 707.433.4043
email: thomaspope@earthlink.net. Mindfulness-Based Somatic Therapy for individuals and couples. Depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship and intimacy issues, sexuality, spiritual and creative concerns and blocks.


Cynthia L. Rich, Licensed Psychologist (PSY 27082)

Santa Rosa, CA. 916.838.8321, Fax: 916.880.3313
email: dr.cindi.rich@gmail.com.

I believe the development of a trusting relationship between therapist and client is at the heart of therapeutic change.  Have you ever tried to change the way you do something?  You have to give up your old way first and then try the new way.  For a while you don’t have your old habit to rely on and you haven’t yet mastered the new one. No matter how motivated you are, the process of change can be challenging and scary.  In my approach, I join with clients to explore the issues that are causing them difficulty.  Together, we identify ways to address those issues and clients are supported through the process of making the changes they desire.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hazal Selcuk, Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT105484) Supervised by Debra Kelly, LMFT (MFT 19530)

Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, CA. 707.787.1967
Individuals, couples and adolescents. Integrating movement, theater, poetry and other art forms if client is interested. Depression, loss/grief, emotional challenges around family, self expression, life purpose, immigration and relocation.


Ayne Shore, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT37449)

Program Director, Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic

Santa Rosa, CA. 707.696.6978.
web: www.counselingforchange.org
I specialize in helping you to break dysfunctional patterns that prevent you from living your best life. I work with individuals, 18 and over. I help you on your path to resolving trauma and abuse issues, lowering your anxiety and stress, dealing with your relationship difficulties, and moving through the inevitable transitions in life.


Karen Stocksdale , Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Santa Rosa, CA. 707.217.1333. fax: 707.544.6062
email: stocksdale@msn.com
I work with adults, teens, couples and children 3+ years. My modalities are somatics, psychotherapy, mindfulness, client centered, attachment theory and EMDR trained. My focus is grief/loss, relationship difficulties, trauma, personal growth and self esteem issues. I offer sliding scale if needed and can be contacted by phone or email.


Davora Tetens, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT52721)

Sebastopol, CA. 707.710.0908

email: davorat@yahoo.com

Imagine that you want to walk through a thick forest, or hike up a hill for the magnificent view. You know it could be difficult and you also know it will enrich your life. Such journeys often require a compassionate and empowering guide, familiar with the terrain -- a fellow traveler with a compass.

My work combines multiple therapy methods (including narrative, cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR and mindfulness-based somatics) and varies with the needs of my clients. Individuals, couples, parents and teens. Diversity welcome. Wide range of issues. Medi-Cal. 15 minute free consultation – to see if I’m right for you.


Kevin Williams, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT34220)

Santa Rosa and San Francisco, CA. 415.494.9031. Body Oriented Psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, intimacy, blocks, sexuality, focusing and relationship issues.


Micheline Worth, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT83974)

Sebastopol, CA. 707.338.1279,

email: mworthmft@gmail.com,
web: michelineworththerapy.com

I thoroughly enjoy my work and am inspired by connecting with my clients and helping them rediscover their purpose, happiness and enjoyment of life. My style is very personal, warm and sincere, combining clinical expertise with the discovery of what works specifically for you. I offer Expressive Arts, Somatic and traditional talk therapy as options from which to choose. Working with teens, children and their caregivers is a specialty of mine, as well as work with young adults. Call for a free 20 minute consultation.

I truly look forward to meeting and sharing time with you to discover how to best help you grow!