Lomi clinic news


2017 has been quite a year in our community, our world, and at the Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic. We’ve just passed our 30-year Anniversary! Besides our on-going work of tending the usual emotional trauma and mental health concerns our community faces, we’ve helped people who are distraught with the political conflict in our nation. And now, we have the fire trauma disturbing us all.

Community Fire & Trauma

The fires of early October will be remembered as pivotal times. We haven’t fully grasped the impact the fires have had and will have on us all. In the midst of tragedy, we have seen an outpouring of care and generosity, showing our Community, our State and Nation, and the World are deeply compassionate. We know that compassion and generosity are markers of good mental health, and we have evidenced both.

The Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic re-opened in the midst of the firestorm one day after the initial onslaught. In the smoky haze our doors opened for people to seek care in the midst of devastation and loss. We were fortunate to be a few miles from burning, and knew that our Clinic needed to be open for business.

A past Clinic therapist led a healing grief workshop and donated the proceeds to our newly established Fire Fund. Other donations have been made, and we earmarked part of our Fall Auction to this fund. We are already seeing fire victims from this fund. And we know that with natural disasters the trauma can be extensive, and that it often takes months or a year for people to realize they are struggling and need support. We want to be available for all who need care as the shock wears off and the gravity of devastation shows itself. That is why we are still fundraising for our Fire Fund. People need care for the effects of the trauma and loss, and that need will grow over 2018.

Thirty Years!

Who would have thought our Clinic that started small with a noble intention and little funding would continue to grow in size and impact? We still offer sliding scale care that our community needs. Our original mission of providing care and training therapists is still vital, and our integrated, somatic mindfulness-based, approach is still at our core. We’ve grown and changed as our nation, and the field of mental health care, has evolved. We still believe that addressing the obstacles to well-being is an important aspect of helping people who are suffering, and that creating positive experiences and self-care is also imperative. We do both. We aim to meet each person in their suffering and attempt to unlock the pains and trauma that grip them. We work to unleash the capacity we all have for achieving balance, loving-kindness and healing joy.